BMD: Part One

In the scorching heat of summer, the exiled Seraphim emerge from hiding and slaughter the Kyzantine Prince in their quest to dominate the hierarchy of magic. The Kyzantines declare war and march to their southern border, convinced that the neighbouring Murukan Kingdom was responsible — decades of skirmishes finally unravelling to all out war.

Buckthorne is the first to respond to the smoke billowing above the mountains when the outposts are attacked. Amongst the soldiers are brothers Castor and Pollux Fallon; ready to serve, ready to fight … but they never imagined the nightmarish atrocities about to unfold.



A fun, horror-style zombie retelling of Alice in Wonderland Alice is minding her younger sister when the Zombie apocalypse hits. She has to find safety but is thwarted at every turn - by a strange man, by two stoners. The world has gone made and she doesn't know who to trust.


BMD: Part Two

Buckthorne’s first duty is to reclaim the fallen mountain outposts but the baron wants the Kyzantines chased back to the Empire. Pollux marches into the valley with the Buckthorne forces only to be ambushed and almost obliterated. With no reinforcements in sight, the survivors must hold or the enemy will sweep through into the Kingdom.

Haunted by the memories of the fallen battle brothers, darkness grows within Castor from the guilt of failing his friends. He throws himself into every fight searching for a release only battle will allow. When Pyxis Jorgh, youngest daughter of the Emperor arrives at the Gorgon Pass, Castor defies orders and seeks her out on the battlefield determined for an end. 



BMD: Part Three

Wave after wave of Kyzantines break against the walls of Black Claw Gate, leaving them bloody and scorched, but holding. As more Buckthorne men die on the wall, it’s only a matter of time before Pollux and his soldiers will resort to desperate tactics … high risks and bloody sacrifices .

The war has moved beyond the Gorgon Pass and the Nails have been forgotten, left to the grind in the corner of the Kingdom. When orders come to ride behind enemy lines and strike at the heart of the Empire, Castor’s challenge with Pyxis is left unfinished … and the darkness inside him unsatisfied.  


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Dan Adams is a Sydney-based writer. When he’s not penning kick ass war stories, he’s working on his guns - the arm variety, rather than the weapons featured so prominently in his books. He loves slushies and always finds himself climbing too many stairs on Wednesdays.

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